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AAWM Conference 2016

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  1. Accomodations
  2. Travel plans
  3. Wednesday June 8
    1. Session 1a (9A-12P)
      1. Tenzer, "Steve Reich and Balinese Gamelan"
      2. Mailman, "Trans-Cultural-Stylistic Solutions of Toshi Ichiyanagi's Transfigurations of the Moon..."
      3. Yang, "Speaking a Hybrid Language in Chinese Electroacoustic Music"
      4. Morris, "Two-Voice Frameworks and the Harmonization of Indian Ragas"
    2. Session 1b (9A-12P)
      1. Anklewicz, "Giant Steps and Dreydlekh..."
      2. Biro et al., "Melodic Stability and Memory Analysis in Semi-Oral Chant Traditions..."
      3. Witulski, "Melodic Structures and Model Development of Malhun Sung Poetry in Morocco"
      4. Markham, "Towards Understanding Options and Rules for Singing Chinese Verse in Early Japan"
    3. Session 2a (1:30-4:30)
      1. Roeder, "Formative Processes of Durational Projection in "Free Rhythm" World Music"
      2. Polak et al., "How West African Drummers Keep in Time Together..."
      3. Jure and Rocamora, "Microtiming in the Rhythmic Structure of Candombe Drumming Patterns"
      4. Diaz, "Experimentations with Timelines in Afro-Bahian Jazz..."
    4. Session 2b (1:30-3:45)
      1. Repetto and Serra, "Melodic Transformation Processes in the Arrangements of Jingju Banshi"
      2. Huang, "Voices from an Unsealed 'Time Capsule'..."
      3. Wu, "The Renaissance of Tang Zheng..."
    5. Session 3a (3:45-6)
      1. Tsougras,"Epirus Polyphonic Singing and GTTM Analysis..."
      2. Kaminski, "Structural Analysis of Poly-Ensemble Music of the Asante of Ghana"
      3. Vishio, "A Counterpoint for Catching a Tiger"
    6. Session 3b (4:30-6)
      1. Dinnerstein, "Traditional Ladakhi Songs..."
      2. Abbasoglu, "Theoretical Music Treatises in the Fifteenth Century Timurid Music..."
  4. Thursday June 9
    1. Special Session (9A-12P)
      1. Malin, "Analytical Stories, Ethnography, and Cultural Values"
      2. Abrahams, "Mimicry as Movement Analysis?"
      3. Goldberg, "Conception and Performance of Meter in Bulgarian Folk Music"
      4. Stover, "Contextual Theory, or Theorizing between the Discursive and the Material"
    2. Session 4b (9A-12P)
      1. Clayton, "Entrainment and Interaction in Indian Music"
      2. Virani, "Rethinking the Tabla Solo"
      3. Trochidis et al., "Analysis-by-Synthesis of Rhythm in South Indian art Percussion Performances by Means of Statistical A
      4. Wells, "Theorizing Trikala..."
    3. Keynote 1 (1-2:30)
      1. Widdess, "Analysing alap..."
    4. Special Session (3:00-6:00)
      1. Pappas, "Correlations Between the Formal Characteristics of Trans-Atlantic Folk Hymns and Cultural Expression"
      2. Hall, "Settings of the Anglo-American Folk Hymn BOURBON, 1814-1902"
      3. Quinn, "Mapping Musical Taste in the Sacred Harp Community"
      4. Karlsberg and Godfrey, "Assessing Tempo in Practice..."
    5. Session 5b (3:00-6:00)
      1. Benadon and McGraw, "Improvisations of a Quinto Player..."
      2. Miller, "Lines of Influence..."
      3. Vurkac, "The Complex Plane for Visualizing Quantitative Effects of Phase Interpretation on Inferred Clave..."
      4. Morad, "Queer Bolero..."
  5. Friday June 10
    1. Current Trends in Spectral Analysis (9A-12P)
      1. Sakata, "Seismic Melody/Spectral Sorrow..."
      2. Latartara, "Khap, Timbre, and the Non-Lexical Vocable"
      3. Shuster, "Analyzing Sonic Design in Central Asian Multiphonic Throat Singing..."
      4. Gardiner, "Synthetic Climates and the (re)Presentation of Japanese Acoustic Ecologies"
      5. Cogan, "The Becomings of Etenraku, a Beautiful Melody from 12th Century Japan--and Us"
    2. Session 6b (9A-12P)
      1. Baysal et al., "New Performance Approaches to Urban Baglama Music..."
      2. Soydas, "Exploring Motivic Features for Understanding Modal Structure..."
      3. Fossum, "Principles of Transmission and Collective Composition in Turkmen Dutar Performance"
      4. Cogulu, "Lecture-Demonstration..."
    3. Keynote 2 (1-2:30)
      1. Rahn, "Coordinating Analyses of Tunings with Analyses of Pieces"
    4. Session 7a (3:00-4:30)
      1. Attas, "Blending Katajjaq and Electronic Dance Music in Tanya Tagaq's 'Uja'"
      2. Schaller, "Pure Folk Metal..."
    5. Workshop (3:00-4:30)
      1. Pettigrew, "Using a Computer to Transcribe Monophonic Melodies..."
    6. Plenary Session (4:30-6:30)
      1. "World Music Analysis in Music Scholarship Today"
  6. Saturday June 11
    1. Session 8a (9:00-10:30)
      1. Sum, "Healing on the Margins..."
      2. Nicely, "Collaborative Timelines..."
    2. Session 8b (9:00-10:30)
      1. Mukherji, "Towards a Theory of Formal Functions for North Indian Classical Music"
      2. Woodruff, "A Comparative Study of the Impact of Different Gamakas on the Structure of the Mohanam Varnam, 'Ninnu-Kori'..
    3. Session 9a (10:30-12:45)
      1. Hoh, "Pitch and Tuning in Beninoise Brass Bands"
      2. Racanelli, "Revisiting the Katanga Guitar Style(s) and the Origins of African Guitar Music"
      3. Hough, "Learning Oliver Mtukudzi's 'Tuku Music' Through Modular Loops"
    4. Session 9b (10:30-12:45)
      1. Arndt, "Some Statistical Properties of Harmony and Voice-Leading in Shemokmedi School Georgian Chant"
      2. Tilley, "'There's Gold in Them There Hills!' or, Mining for Drum Patterns..."
      3. Panteli et al., "Automatic Detection of Outliers in World Music Collections"
    5. Session 10a (1:45-4:45)
      1. Olson, "Analyzing Traditional Hungarian Dance and Music..."
      2. Scruggs, "Embodied Performative Knowledge as Crucial Analytical Tool"
      3. Enyi et al., "Ojú l'ọ̀rọ̀ọ́ wà (meaning is in the eyes)..."
      4. Kaur, "(Spell)bound by Bandish..."
    6. Session 10b (1:45-4:00)
      1. Toussaint, "Measuring the Perceptual Similarity of Middle-Eastern Rhythms..."
      2. Le Bomin, "The Evolution of Musical Gabonese Heritage..."
      3. de Cisneros Puig, "After All, It Was About Music!"
  7. Poster Sessions
    1. Guillot, "Searching for Relations Between Anisochrony and Polymetry in Afro-Brazilian Music..."
    2. Gardent, "A Simple Overview of Musics Throughout Gabon"
    3. Amoros, "An Ethnomusicological Approach to Orientalism..."
    4. Grall, "Improvisation as Rhetoric with John Coltrane's Impressions"
    5. Hardman, "A Flexible Conception of Meter in Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Music"
    6. Lawson and Nissen, "The Gendered Voice..."
    7. Paulding, "Kete: Ashanti Royal Court Drumming from Ghana"
    8. Robinson, "Mathematical Thought and Zoomorphism in the Rhythmic Practice of Carnatic Percussion Performance
    9. Trochidis and Guedes, "Rhythmic Analysis of Carnatic Style Percussion Music Using an Adaptive Time Domain Decomposition
    10. Vahabzadeh, "Comparative Study of Musical Gestures and Corporality..."
    11. Zhang, "Meaningful Timbres..."