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  AAWM JOURNAL Volume 2, No. 1 (2012)
Volume 2, No. 1 (2012)
Formulas and the Building Blocks of ṭhumrī Style—A Study in "Improvised" Music
Chloe Zadeh
In this article, I examine the repeated musical formulas that appear in ṭhumrī performances. Chunks of recurring musical material, my analysis has revealed a large number of different types of formulas in ṭhumrī recordings by a wide variety of musicians from throughout the twentieth century. Here, I propose ways of understanding how and why they occur in ṭhumrī and suggest ways of taking them into account in an analysis of ṭhumrī style... more >>
Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss: A Novel Proposal for the Middle Eastern Qānūn
Stefan Pohlit
This paper explores a new and ambitious tuning system for the Middle Eastern qānūn, conceived and practiced by the French virtuoso Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss (b. 1953). Since the invention of mandal-s, movable bridges that enable microtonal alterations during performance, the qānūn has become a major source for tuning and fixation of the Middle Eastern pitch inventory. Whereas Arab qānūn-s are based on "quarter tones", Turkish instruments divide the octave into 72 notes... more >>
CantoCore: A New Cross-Cultural Song Classification Scheme
Patrick E. Savage, Emily Merritt, Tom Rzeszutek, and Steven Brown
Classification of organisms and languages has long provided the foundation for studying biological and cultural history, but there is still no accepted scheme for classifying songs crossculturally. The best candidate, Lomax and Grauer's "Cantometrics" coding scheme, did not spawn a large following due, in part, to concerns about its reliability. We present here a new classification scheme, called "CantoCore", that is inspired by Cantometrics but that emphasizes its "core" structural characters rather than the more subjective characters of performance style... more >>
A Response to Professor Burnett
David Loeb
Response to Professor Loeb
Henry Burnett
Formulaic Variation Procedures in Mande Griot (Jeli) Guitar Playing and Improvisation
David Racanelli
In this article, I examine the extensive use of formulas in the guitar playing and improvisation of Mande griots, who are hereditary professional musicians of West Africa. Based upon five years of research as a close participant-observer of griots in New York City, I suggest that musical formulas act as expressions in forms of musical talk (parole) in determining the style (langue) of griot guitar music... more >>
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