ISSN 2158-5296
Volume 3, No.1 (2013)
Call and Response in Ewe Agbadza Songs: One Element in a Network of Musical Factors
David Locke (Tufts University)
Rhythmic Elasticity and Metric Transformation in Tunisian Stambēlī
Richard C. Jankowsky (Tufts University)
Fractal Harmonies of Southern Africa
Martin Scherzinger (New York University Steinhardt)
Bridging Ethnomusicology and Composition in the First Movement of Justinian Tamusuza's String Quartet Mu Kkubo Ery'Omusaalaba
Charles Lwanga (University of Pittsburgh)
Building Bridges Between African Traditional and Western Art Music: A Study of Joshua Uzoigwe's Egwu Amala
Marie Agatha Ozah (Duquesne University)
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